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Welcome to the EPAC rental page! Whether you are looking for props for a show or a larger space to hold your meeting or event, EPAC offers various options to meet your rental needs! See more details below.

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Prop rentals

All props currently listed are from Disney's The Lion King Jr. Kids4Kids show.

Prices listed are the fees per one 7 day week. Additional weeks rent at ½ initial fee. Cash or Check Only. Some items require deposit. Please call (717) 733-7966 Ext. 3 or send an email to to discuss a rental for your organization.

Elephant Graveyard set pieces $300.00

Standing at some points at over 7’ tall these impressive set pieces look great during "Be Prepared"!

Scar's Staff $15.00

No one will be turning their back on Scar with this menacing 60” tall custom built staff. Be prepared with this piece made of real wood and featuring a matte black paint job accented by a creepy red crow skull.

Scar's Steak $15.00

Scar has a special treat for the Hyenas, this 2’ tall giant steak!

Elephant $200.00

No one will forget your production of Lion King Jr. (or many other potential shows) when this 6' x 6' fuschia behemoth rolls out on stage. Featuring sturdy construction, internal padding, and four free rolling castor wheels. 22" wide.

Adult Rhino $200.00

Make your "Circle Of Life" extra memorable by adding this 2 person rhino! Featuring sturdy construction and four free rolling castor wheels. Measures 4.4' x 7.5', 25" wide.

Baby Rhino $100.00

Give one of your smaller actors a treat by renting this go-cart of a baby rhino. Tricked out for scooting on and off stage with padded seat and four free rolling castor wheels. Measures 3' x 4.5', 20" wide.

Mufasa Head $100

Composed of 5 separate parts, this 5’ tall Mufasa head was crafted specifically for “He Lives in Me”. Made of lightweight foam and features PVC handles.

Giraffe Heads and Legs $75.00

These matching sets feature ease of use and great looks. The heads are built on top of bike helmets allowing children to take them on and off by themselves and the padded legs simply slip on and off of arms with no annoying clasps or straps. Set 1- legs are 4.4' tall/headpiece is 2.6' tall. Set 2- legs are 3.3' tall/headpiece is 2.4' tall.

Decorative Giraffe Heads $15.00

These 4.4' tall custom painted heads are great for lobby decoration and photo opportunities.

Wildebeests $200.00 for the set, $15.00 individually.

Stampede! These 16 pieces (2.3' x 3') are made of lightweight and durable EVA foam with PVC handles. Comes with two racks for storage.

Zazu $100.00

Not Zazu! Pride Rock's resident majordomo/stooge/comic relief is a lightweight professional quality puppet with a custom paint job and wings which allow for a wide range of motion. Zazu measures 1.2' x 15". PUPPET ONLY- COSTUME NOT INCLUDED

Buzzard Pole $20.00

Made of PVC and EVA foam, this prop is both lightweight and durable. Measures 3.10' x 6.10'

Mufasa Death Mat $20.00

For Mufasa's funeral scene- measures 5' 10" x 6'.

The Sharadin Bigler Theatre is available for rental to the community during non-performance periods.

The auditorium seats 300 people. Folding chairs are available for additional seating. Please call (717) 733-7966 Ext. 3 or send an email to to discuss a rental for your organization.

  • $800 per day for Non-Profit*/Profit/Personal Rentals (eight hours)
  • $60 per hour for additional technician hours
  • $75 Front of House Manager (five hours) - required for public performances
  • $10 per hour for additional Front of House Manager hours
  • $100 Box Office Associate (five hours) – includes pre-sales
  • $100 per day for use of Conference Room (eight hours)
  • $200 per day per room for use of Rehearsal Rooms (eight hours)
  • $100 flat fee to sell tickets over the internet via the Ephrata Performing Arts Center website (optional)

Lighting and sound consultation with technician included in rental fee.
*non-profit rentals will not be charged tax with proof of non-profit status.
Merchandise may be sold by licensee. Concessions sold only by EPAC.
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