EPAC putting together Sunday in the Park with George

“A terrific ‘Sunday in the Park with George’ at EPAC”

Jane Holahan, Lancaster Online

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Sunday in the Park with George

There have been many EPAC productions that ring strong in the memory of our faithful patrons, but none perhaps more than the 1999 production of Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway hit Sunday in the Park with George. This landmark production helped propel EPAC to a higher performance standard and increased the already wide support garnered for the construction of the Sharadin Bigler Theatre.

“EPAC’S Sunday in the Park with George is a Masterpiece”

Kelli Curtin, Theatre Sensation

In this wonderfully rich and romantic musical tale, Sunday travels to 19th century Paris, where Georges Seurat endeavors to capture on canvas the eccentric souls he encounters on a series of Sundays in a park on La Grande Jatte. George’s rampant passion for his work ultimately threatens to quash his relationship with Dot, the woman he loves, and forces him to make the hardest choice he will ever face.

“‘Sunday in the Park with George’ – A Perfect Show at the Park with EPAC”

Marakay Rogers, broadwayworld.com

This new production promises to bring many new and exciting challenges as EPAC artists take a fresh look at the life of Georges Seurat. Fans of the 1999 production will be pleased to know that Sean Young will be reprising his role as Seurat and that at his side playing Dot will be EPAC favorite Stacia R. Smith. Also reprising her memorable 1999 role as the distinguished Old Woman will be the talented Elizabeth Pattey.

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